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ob Square Consultancy is an emerging Placement Consultancy or Recruitment Consultancy committed to Performance, Quality and Results. Job Square Consultancy’ s strength lies in being cost effective and fast execution of Projects. We are a team of dedicated HR professionals offering staffing solutions in India and across global markets to our wide spectrum of clients. Thorough research and accurate mapping of interests of both, our corporate clients, as well as, job seeking candidates, is what we specialize in. Corporate Training is another area we are gradually penetrating.

Short description: Job Square Consultancy Human Resource & Staffing Company Operating from - Kolkata,
Slogan: High QualityServices, Satisfaction Guarantee
Postal Code: PIN 700048
Telephone: +913325340374
Mobile phone: +919836171888
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Twitter account: @jobsquareindia
Unique Selling Point: Cost effective and fast execution of Projects
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    • Timely Eric


      October 27, 2016 - 广州辰利企业管理服务有限公司,作为具有专业资格的商务注册服务机构,为中国中小型企业提供专业的一站式服务,协助其进驻国际市场、开拓新领域。 我们的服务项目:  1、申请注册服务:有限公司、无限公司、商标注册; 2、银行各项服务:公司帐户、个人帐户、资信证明; 3、企业管理服务:公司更名、更改董事、股份转让、注销公司; 4、商业会计服务:会计报税、税务安排、公司年报、银行开户; 5、商业顾问服务:税务策划、商业策划、人力资源顾问服务; 6、商务配套服务:办公租赁、酒店机票...
      • Timely Eric


        October 27, 2016 -  申请广州工作签证所需资料   一、 广州工作签证通知表申请所需资料   1、广州市属有关单位邀请外国人(含外籍华人)来穗进行经贸活动 。   2、根据申请单位提交的有关外国人入境审批表格一式四份进行审批(如申请就业签证,还须出具由劳动部门签发的就业许可证书)。   审核内容:  (1)被邀请方的姓名、单位、地址、国别、性别、身份、护照号码、入境后前往的目的地(只...
        • Timely Eric

          Open a HongKong company will be better

          October 27, 2016 - open a HK company
          • Timely Eric

            Do you want to have a work permit in China?

            October 27, 2016 - Do you have a strong intention to work in China and do not know how to deal with Z work permit.A foreigner work in China shou...
            • Timely Eric


              October 27, 2016 -  I.Foreign invested consulting company is obligated to declare the following key taxes 外商投资企业应该缴纳如下主要税项 1.      Business tax 营业税 Business&nbs...
              • Timely Eric

                Choose the right your offshore co.

                October 27, 2016 - Choose the right your offshore company
                • Timely Eric

                  Expats work in Guangzhou

                  October 27, 2016 - consulate
                  • Berrie Pelser

                    KBrot Cracker Healthy Crunchy Cracker Social Media – #Krusten_Brot

                    October 26, 2016 - KBrot Cracker KBrot Cracker Healthy and Crunchy Cracker on Social Media #Krusten_Brot #Buzz (see below) KBrot Cracker : fountain water & sea salt Brittany olive oil, oregano, black pepper&red chili peppers + garlic  Love bio &...