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Jlosworld is a world of possibilities, primarily for Humanity services, showing love to the less privileged, the youths, women and children, offering subsidized natural healthcare and free counseling services. We generate funds to support our services through self efforts and whenever we are offered business opportunities. We accept purchases and supplies jobs, contracts, interior decorations, renovations, Hotel or Guesthouse management etc so as to be able to sustain our mission to the world. We want to use this medium also to solicit for support as you are persuaded, together we can make the world a better place. Our phone lines are 2348037178439,2348057471448, the lines are connected to whatsApp, Viber and BBM pin is 29317DA5.

Short description: Jlosworld is a world of possibilities into Humanitarian Services, Relationship/Sexuality Counseling, Beauty Consultation(Jlo Lightening Creams)and advocating for Natural Healthcare ,contact:2348037178439,2348057471448,BBM pin:29317DA5
Company address: All correspondence to be sent through 2348037178439 or 2348057471448
Postal Code: 23401
Telephone: 2348037178439,2348057471448
Mobile phone: 2348037178439

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