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PublicCity PR, Only the Best When it Comes To Public Relations

Carving out a niche for itself as one of the very best in the PR space, there is no doubt PublicCity has made an indelible mark in the PR industry. This is as a result of its hands-on and professional way of handling every single project, unrivaled experience in taking charge of events of any nature, and the passionate drive to ensure that all customers get the best.  Whether it is community initiatives, public relations campaigns or media relations, this public relations marketing company based in Michigan is a master at handling every event with efficiency. The company, spearheaded by Jason Brown, a specialist in public relations, is soaring high and breaking new grounds every day.

Let’s take a look at the major services offered by the Detroit PR Company:

Media Relations:  PublicCity PR possesses an unparalleled and impeccable level of experience in the tackling of media relations. In the information age of today, there is always need to create a media buzz around your products and services. This is where PublicCity PR firm comes to the rescue, spreading its creative tentacles and applying its vast experience to attract a plethora of eyes to your event, giving you enormous coverage. Some of the key press relations services offered by the firm include spokesperson training, editorial calendar research, key message, development, just to mention a few.

Community Relations: any business that wants to succeed must make community relations an important aspect of its business. The professionals at PublicCity PR have a full understanding of this fact. They even routinely organize specialized community relations program which is tailored towards helping you establish innovative community relations, hold non-profit matchmaking and strategic interactions, boast of separate sponsorship development and execution plans, and are experts at putting together community events.

Strategic connecting and Matchmaking:  PublicCity PR is entirely focused on promoting business relations for a long time, an important factor for succeeding in the professional and business world of today. The firm does well at matchmaking and perfectly choosing the players that can make the success of your projects much more achievable.

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Company address: 26700 Lahser Road, Suite 405
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