JPCann Associates Ltd


Business description

JPCann Associates Ltd in areas of financial management capacity building, accountancy and risk assessment. We provide consultancy or outsourced services to support donor partners, Multinational companies and other matching making services for companies looking at establishing footprint in Ghana. We offer company registration, setting up new offices, tax administration, payroll services and accounting services.

Short description: JPCann Associates Ltd provides professional support services and business advisory services.
Company name
Company address: 63 Olympic Street, Kokomlemle, Accra
Slogan: Building The Capacity of The Nation
Postal Code: Box DC 468, Dansoman-Accra
Telephone: +233302974302
Mobile phone: +233302974302
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Skype username: jonathan_cann


Unique Selling Point: Professionalism and Integrity
Contact Person: Jonathan Cann
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