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In 1994 Gianfranco Creston, owner, factory manager and founder of the firma Intenda, built a new and important company in the production field of Veneto, settled down in the province of Verona (Legnago). Intenda srl was founded as manufacturing firma of awnings, but soon creativity and capabilities of the staff dedicated to design and planning new models shifted the core business of the company to the multifunctional covers. At the beginning, production was limited to the garage boxes (the classic snails cover and the most modern tunnel); then Intenda designed and produced many different modular covers, more specific and functional. Important investments in research and development led to sale and production of patented products, such as the Movable Trailer Cover and the Swimming Pool Cover. Today Intenda has become a solid company and stands as a leader in Italy and Europe in the production of retractable tunnels and generic movable covers. The company The firma, settled down in the new industrial zone in Legnago, spreads over an area of about 3200 square meters used for production. In this building the different development areas (mechanical workshop, sewing, assembly, storage) contribute to the construction of each piece of retractable tunnels. We are proud to affirm that our products may carry the label Made in Italy, because they are entirely made in Italy, using exclusively italian materials and labor. This is a guarantee of quality and attention to detail. Each piece is inspected and packed with utmost care in order to avoid damage during the transport. The offices occupy 400 square meters, while upstairs stands a showroom of 400 sqm. Contacts Intenda s.r.l. Via Vincenzo Pareto, 3 37045 Legnago (VR) Italy Phone +39 0442 601031 Phone +39 0442 600270 Fax +39 0442 25164 Email:

Short description: Multifunctional tunnels made up of PVC and aluminium since 1994: this is INTENDA, an important reference point for the Italian and European marketplace.
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Telephone: 0039 0442 60 10 31
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