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Integrate light switches, alarm panels, thermostats, doors/locks, cameras, etc. Audio/Video- stream music throughout your entire home or custom zones from your ITunes, Pandora, Spotify, Internet Radio, Etc.! All into one easy-to-use interface. IPhone, Android, any smart phone, as well as IPads, (Tablets), or your computer from ANYWHERE! You will be able to control and maintain your home without having to be there. It's a complete upgrade in life-style. We also deliver the highest quality products at the most affordable prices.

Short description: We specialize in Home and Commercial Automation, or "Smart-Home" Technology
Company name
Company address: 13209 CR 1800, Suite 60
Slogan: Life Just Got Easier!
Postal Code: 79424
Telephone: (806)319-5644
Mobile phone: (806)559-3251
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Twitter account: InnoDesigns


Unique Selling Point: Custom Home Automation
Chamber of Commerce:: Lubbock Chamber of Commerce
Contact Person: Greg Stewart
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