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I believe in: available Benefit and Opportunity in all situations, Individuality, Responsibility and Ownership, Wisdom, Transformation (which is ‘renewal of essence’), delivering Perspective, Action and Results, to bring organizations up to “PAR” in realizing what their leaders foresee. As a Transformational leader I make the difference between effort and result, thus getting things done through simple, forwardly aimed action to bold and attainable goals: • unveil drivers for current financial results (for example beliefs, norms, values, fears, strategies, behavior in relationships) and remove the obstacles; • install drivers that are in line with the organization’s gift and profitable function; • create a framework for overarching goals, responsibilities and authorities; • inspire and challenge individuals to find their unique capability area, while at the same time: o acknowledging and rewarding, thus affecting employees’ self-images constructively; o discharging emotions that have been the driving forces behind previous behaviors; • harvest improved learning and cooperation by means of anchoring capable individuals as nodes in a newly built self-organizing network organization; • let go employees that are commonly seen as low contributors and out of place; My presence in organizations is temporary; I create sustainable self-reliance and dito financial returns. Industries that I work in are IT, Financial Industry, Utilities, Manufacturing and Government. Areas I cover are Strategy, Finance, Markets, Employees and Vendors. Further information available upon request.

Short description: Managing Director bij Infinite Well
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