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When Impress Solutions was founded, there was a lack of honest, expert advice, backed by a detailed understanding of how a business needs to operate in order to be successful. Our business was founded on the principle that our customers want a partner that can draw on years of expertise outside of IT to provide solutions that deliver success. Our agility has proved time and time again that it is possible to build on your current success and do that with minimal interruption to our customer’s businesses processes. We have built a team of experts who provide insightful, intelligent solutions and are able to look at your business from a number of different perspectives, which we have proved time and time again to be the kind of successful approach that brings results.

Short description: Honesty, extensive knowledge and years of expertise.
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Company address: 3 Holgate Court, 4 - 10 Western Road
Postal Code: RM1 3JS
Telephone: 0845 19 60006
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