Ik Silver


IK is a progressive company primarily dealing in silver articles and gift items. It boasts of a wide range of 1200 designs in various product ranges, tableware, bar, office, baby, bowls, candle stands, golf items, etc. etc. The ranges are modern contemporary as well as classical.
IK Silver also produces and sells a unique product range, Nature's Special Editions. In this range, real flowers, leaves and shells are plated with silver and gold. Some are beautiful as they are and an end product, but they are also designed and added to with other material to create an interesting attractive product for gifting or self. This range has received a very appreciative and positive response over the years for its beauty and comfortable pricing. It has been widely accepted for corporate and events/wedding gifts accompanying the card as well as wedding favors.
To buy online please go to http://www.fabulloso.com/designers-artists/view-more-designers-1/ik.html

Short description: High Quality Hand Crafted Silver Products made in India
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