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IceTech was formed in 1998 to design and manufacture reliable, high-performance dry ice blasting equipment, with the goal of becoming the world’s leading solution provider of dry ice blasting equipment, dry ice pellets, pellet ice makerand technology. Dry Ice Pellets are now much easier to produce with the brand-new closed chamber technology from IceTech! The new hydraulic IceTech pelletizers now maximize efficiency and profitability of dry ice pellets production.

Over all those years they have gained the respect of their customers who have come to regard IceTech solutions as second to none. They started out as an industrial cleaning contractor, working in some of the world’s toughest environments and at a time when the technology was absolutely unknown. This experience gave us first-hand knowledge of how to solve the most complex application challenges.

As a contractor, they originally bought machines from others, which gave a detailed knowledge of the market they’re now in. They discovered that some of the machines they bought had a very high cleaning performance, but they were unreliable. Other machines were somewhat more reliable but cleaned much too slowly.

With the roots firmly planted in Bramming, Denmark, a beautiful small town where thinking deeply and fair and friendly service are still appreciated, IceTech has grown into a market leader with facilities around the globe. IceTech now supplies a world-class customer base with excellent service 24/7 to keep their plants up and running reliably and smoothly, around the clock and around the world.

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Short description: IceTech was formed in 1998 to design and manufacture reliable, high-performance dry ice blasting equipment,
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Company address: 5217 Muhlhauser Road
Postal Code: 45011
Telephone: +1 513-942-4144


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