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we will supply tobacco,You know that India is one of the few tobacco producing countries in the world. Our Indian Variety tobacco is most sought after by the major tobacco industries in the world. UK /IRAN /RUSSIA is having major industries.

which import various grades of tobacco from India, S.Africa, Brazil, Chile etc. India accounts for major contribution to the world production.

Please acquaint yourself with leaf products.... we supply CUT/ UNCUT / country (naatu) / Virginia, Burley etc. and their grades according to descending order of quality are as follows.

1) Yellow Tobacco Leaf (FCV=flu cured variety) used in high quality cigarettes

2) Yellow Brown Tobacco Leaf (FCV) used in general brand cigarettes

3) Brown Tobacco Leaf (FCV) used for cigars etc.

4) Yellow Brown Mix Tobacco (FCV / Sun Cured/ Dark Cured) used in low grade cigarettes

5) Brown Mix Tobacco lower grade for chewing

6) Light Medium Green Tobacco for hucca purpose

7) Burley Tobacco for hucca purpose

8) Top Leaf Tobacco for hucca purpose.

Chemical compositions ( sugar, nicotine levels ) of leaf decide the grade quality,and we can supply any required grade with specific compositions of sugar and nicotine levels.

Company profile-

 INTIME INDIA is one of the premier tobacco Traders& exporters in the Indian.

INTIME INDIA is an intermediary between the farmers and the final product manufacturer. We are traditionally exports aromatic manipulated fermented tobaccos of top and middle quality. we strongly believe in producing superior quality products for our customer. Favourable climate, soils and traditional agricultural practise make the tobacco grown in Andra Parades & Karnataka (India) regions among the highest qualities of leaf tobacco available.

Our Company work closely with our farmers to ensure consistency in the raw materials used in our products.

 We establish long term relations with the leaf growers in the region and then select, purchase, process, pack, store, and ship the finished products to our customers.

Tobacco is processed to meet each customer's specifications for quality, yield, chemistry, particle size, moisture contents and other characteristics.

We have good team in Andhra Pradesh & Karnataka for procuring & processing. As an exporter of tobacco our products have been used for medicinal purposes also.

Our strict commitment to quality ensures that our customers receive products that are the cleanest, most natural, and of the highest quality.

We have developed high standards in all aspects of our business process and products. We invite you to compare our quality and discover the difference our dedication to superior products makes.

 Business activities-

 1.Intermediary between the growers and manufacturers.

2.Export of tobacco

3.Procure, process, pack, store and ship finished products.

4.Agency of foreign companies.


Terms of contract:

 1.irrevocable corporate d purchase order/LOI supported by LC for definite quantity,quality of tobacco.

 2)We issue our Corporate Offer Letter according to the terms agreed upon.

 3)Shipping of the Goods will commence thirty day (45 working days) from date of Seller’s receipt of the acceptable operative payment instrument such as FFLC or LC.

 4)SGS like inspection Agency may be engaged by the prospecive Importer to inspect and certify the quality of the commodities, containers etc. The free samples of different grades would be sent along with the certificate by the inspection agency ‘SGS’or any other.

 5)When the contract quantity grade wise is specified, delivery schedule for total quantity can be provided to you. Quantities as expressed in our quotation or as per order placed may vary by 5 to 10% depending upon the last moment quality checks and other natural vagaries. However, contractual obligation will be fulfilled by replenishing the stock with other grades.


Company name
Company address: SN-1052/3,
Postal Code: 500018
Telephone: 09676918999
Mobile phone: +919676918999
Twitter account: INTIME INDIA
Skype username: intimeindia


Unique Selling Point: we can supply Indain Processed Tobacco leaf of 2014 crop upto 15million kgs all grades,
Chamber of Commerce:: ICC
Contact Person: SDC Sekhar
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