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*Igdalier do welcome and has an open hand to welcome each and everyone who want or have decided to visit Ghana or Togo on a business trip,annualor summer vaccation regardless of ethnic,religious or national background. *Igdalier provide pickup from the local destination airport in ghana at nice prices. *Igdalier provide traveles with shealther,accomodation at affordable price. *Igdalier provide cars that will take visitors arround the country to visit various tourism centers at an affordable prices. *Igdalier see to the safetyness,security,wellbeing and protection of visitors and their luguages for thier staying in Ghana. *Igdalier organise a welcoming night for all visitors ,a night full of happiness,a night full of culture dances story telling and various activities to welcome you a night name (akwuaba night) *Igdalier provide camping for visitors in Ghana where teaching about African culture,drama,songs,stories,learning of different kinds of African wears. *Igdalier also hold a visiting program to orphans,socialise,play with them and make gift to them to help them over come thier stress. *Igdalier provide with medical needs in case of health problemduring your period of staying here. *Once in ghana Igdalier provide you with a cell phone with a Ghaneen registered sim card to make to make your local and foreign calls at a very low price we have the lowers phone call price. *As soon as in ghana Igdalier help you exchange your curency to ghana curency for free. *Igdalier helps you in reservation of your hotel at affordable prizes due to your duration here if you don't wanna be part of the camping group. *Once been here,Igdalier helps you have or make a time table for your staying in here according to the purpose of your trip. IGDALIER'S (OUR) VISION *To be the center of excellence in Africa,Ghana for tourism guidance,to provide security,safetiness and Ghaneen culture. *Make friends in every part of the world. *Unit Ghana to other country. *Fight against racism. *Learning of different cultures. *Socialization among foreigners and Ghaneen *Make Ghana tourism centers the number one in the world and help people have knowlegde about Ghaneen tourism *Prove to the world that Ghana is a very peacefull country to stay live in and that welcome everyone. *Multivate people from other coutry to know much about ghaneen culture. IGDALIER'S MISSION STATEMEMT -Igdalier is an association which provide service and help to those who want to visit West Africa(Ghana/Togo)for annual or summer vaccation,weekend,business trip with family,friends etc... We provide you with a good accomodation,good shealther(local and foreign)perfct security and protection during their trip in Ghanaincluding care and guidance and help to all foreigners who need our service regardless of ethnics,religious or national background. -The group mission is springing from the christian values and holistic approch advocated with unity,Godfrearing,faithfulness,honesty,truthfull and trusworthy. YOUR SAFETYNESS AND PLEASURE-OUR CONCERN NB: -All workers at Igdalier association can express themselves well in English and French well and are at your service. -Your safetyness and pleasure is our concern. -Billing varies according to you period of duration in Ghana/Togo -Daily reports are been made by visitors for us to be aware of thier satisfaction FOR MORE IMFORMATION OR INQUIRIES YOU CAN CONTACT US TEL:00233-546076044/00233-278207219 Email:igdaliertravel@gmail.com Facebook page:igdaliertravel@facebook.com Or you can search for us on google by typing igdaliertravel.gh.com You can also get information or tips from a family of seven poeple from Holland who has visited Ghana in thier summer holidays and has spend time with Igdalier association..

Short description: We are a traveling agency that help poeple from outside Africa(Ghana,Togo) that help them in their staying in here..in Ghana by providing them with all their needs at a very low and comfortable price
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Company address: Okrasi Junction 1 Koforidua E/R
Slogan: Your safetyness and pleasure our concern
Postal Code: 00233
Telephone: 00233546076044
Personal or Company websitehttp://www.igdaliertravel.gh.com

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