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Timelessly magnificent, timelessly mysterious, it seduces us timelessly. It brings us a sense of well-being, away from it all. Hotel Aleksander.
Eminent guests from around the world have been returning to Rogaška Slatina for many years to find peace and relaxation in the subdued setting of pristine nature and magnificent buildings from its splendid past. The Austrian emperor Ferdinand, the Yugoslav king Peter and the famous composer Franz Liszt were among them. With its proud bearing it has invited guests since 1905, when it was named after the Austrian Archduke Johann. Hotel Erzherzog Johann was built in the Art Noveau style and offered its affluent guests splendid luxury, perfect elegance and inspiring landscaping. It also became renowned for its excellent restaurant, in which diet food was offered as early as in 1909 according to instructions of the Viennese professor Noorden. It was soon classified as a sanatorium and became very popular in the following years.
Esplanade, Excelsior, Aleksandrov dom, Soča – these are the names under which Hotel Aleksander has welcomed aristocracy, the well-off, artists, politicians and many others for almost a century. Heir to the Yugoslav throne Aleksandar Karađorđević, writer and Nobel prize winner Ivo Andrić, world-renowned sculptor Ivan Meštrović, politician Ivo Šubašić – these are some of the illustrious names that have been entered in its guestbook.

Due to its outdated facilities the hotel had to close its door for its guests in 1995. After a decade of abandonment it found a new owner and in 2007 a thorough renovation began. Now it opens its door again in full glory.

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