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Hitech Nursery is one of the largest vegetable seed companies in India. We offer more than 550 hybrids and varieties in 20 different crops and seeds India or globally.  Our agriculture nursery research team strives to expand suitable hybrids seeds for various market supplies. The hybrid vegetable’s product supplier’s team acts in close co-ordination with R&D and conducts trials, widely in the farmer’s fields before transfer to customer and market. Major emphasis is on regional preferences, adaptability, disease resistance, yield, taste and shelf life.  

Hitechnursery.in uses modern techniques for Hitech Taiwan papaya Plant services, hybrid vegetable seedling, Polyhouse vegetable seedling,Hybrid chilli capsicum, Hybrid drumstick munga plant, Apple ber Plant, Thailand Guava, Vegetable Nursery, Hybrid Marigold, Tall Plants in road side, Tissue culture anarkela and Hybrid sabji podhe in our nursery services in india. Our Hybrid and polyhouse vegetable seedling products are fresh or more usable in agriculture.

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+91 7089956608,
+91 9993726240,
+91 9584068612
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+91 9425305121
Website: http://hitechnursery.in/

Short description: Hitech Nursery is one of the largest vegetable seed companies in India.
Telephone: 7089956608
Mobile phone: 9993726240
Twitter account: hitechnursery16

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