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Hebron is and investment and fund management firm that only seeks to grow your investment through Forex trading.

Over the years we have tried and tested various strategies that work on the forex market. we have been able to make adeequate and consistent profits over the years and are now impacting our knowledge unto others.We basically run two products; the "My share" and "MaM" accounts.

My share account guarantees our investors a 5% interest on all thier investments. Minimum investment amount is USD 500. Profits can be withdrawn every month or rolled over every 91 days.

MaM account offers the investor between 5 -10% interest every month. Also offers the investor the opportunity to withdraw anytime he so wishes. But the returns are not guaranteed on this kind of investment.

In all of these account packages, the investor is able to monitor his investments online anytime once he has internet access.


Short description: Hebron makes you earn a consistent passive income.
Company address: P O Box ce 11837, Tema
Slogan: We promise, we deliver.
Postal Code: 233
Telephone: 0303305744
Mobile phone: 0244128664


Unique Selling Point: Realtime monitoring of investments.
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