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Hitlab Inspections & Asset Management (Pvt) Ltd was established to provide quantity and quality inspections and certification in related services.
Grounded by African roots, Hitlab sets out to become an international player within ten years of inception and will do so with our commitment to growth and expansion. We now have our head office in Harare, Zimbabwe.

The Executive Management team directing Hitlab has extensive experience and business acumen within the inspection industry and this has allowed us to develop into an international competitor today. With managements’ young, dynamic and innovation, we are confident that Hitlab will continue to grow and develop and will remain true to our driving force and core focus – the fastest turnaround time, the best service and industry innovation.

At Hitlab we strive to build and maintain partnerships with clients, suppliers and employees, who are the fundamental building blocks to everyone’s success.

Mission Statement

At Hitlab, we utilize and develop the best technology and staff in order to provide the fastest turnaround time and best service for clients worldwide. We want to be your proactive service partner and not just another service provider.


HITLAB focuses on a range of inspection services throughout various industries and markets and has a 24hr reporting system to their vast clientele. HITLAB can further assist with quality management systems (QMS), environmental, health and safety consultancy that cover various local and international standards.
HITLAB’s specialized range of services includes:
Agricultural Service
Commercial Service
Hygiene Service
Perishable Product Service
QMS Consultancy Service

Agricultural Service

Our Agricultural services are provided with the best turnaround time possible and to the highest standard, in order to reduce risk and maximize returns for all our clients, in the most cost effective manner. Whatever the commodity, HITLAB Inspections have experienced and dedicated staff to ensure that each and every unique client requirement is met, all in accordance with relevant international industry standards and procedures. Our network of accredited laboratories all comply with international standards, as well as the strict standards set by Hitlab Inspections. Hitlab Agricultural Services include:
Consulting Services
Environmental Services
GMO Testing
Hatch and Hold inspections
Independent weighing supervision
Insurance claims
Loading and Off-loading supervision
Pre-shipment inspections
Quality & Quantity management of:
- Animal feed
- Tobacco
- Cotton
- Fertilizer
- Flour
- Maize
- Oil
- Oil seeds
- Rice
- Sorghum
- Soya
- Sugar
- Sunflower
- Wheat
Sampling and analysis of agricultural products

Commercial Service

HITLAB offer loading and off-loading supervision to ensure the quantity of the products transported and delivered are as per the buyer’s /seller’s agreement and all transport / shipping documents. We further make sure that correct handling procedures are followed to protect the quality of the goods when they are loaded and off-loaded, whether transported containerised or bulk, by road, rail or sea.

HITLAB has a trusted pool of qualified inspectors that are available to fit in with our clients’ individual loading and off-loading schedules, thereby ensuring that we are your inspection business partner.

Loading supervision includes:
Verification of container condition (external and internal) and seaworthiness
Verification of cleanliness (debris, malt, vermin or insects) and floor damage of trailers or containers
Verification of quantity
Condition of packaging
Labelling requirements and expiry dates of products
Product traceability verified against shipping documents, packing list or invoice
Recording of any damages occurring during loading process
Container sealing with unique HITLAB container seal
Photographic evidence of entire inspection process and container sealing
Detailed loading supervision report made available to clients
Off-loading supervision would include similar services as with loading supervision to avoid disputes or variances at discharge and in import countries. Off-loading supervision would ensure that buyers and importers receive the goods in same quality and quantity.

Perishable Product Service

Perishable products include fresh fruit, vegetables, flowers, meat, dairy products, eggs and processed products. HITLAB are pleased to offer specialised services in the perishable products industry, while still maintaining the best turnaround time and work standard that HITLAB is known for.

Perishable Products need to be shipped and transported under closely monitored and controlled temperatures and storage conditions. The logistics of transporting perishable products is a specialised industry and every hour in transit involves a loss of shelf life and a potential loss of income for farmers, wholesalers and retailers.
Our services focus on standard operating procedures for the movement of perishable products measured against relevant industry, local and international standards. As perishable products make their way through the supply chain for import, export or local consumption, HITLAB can offer a complete range of services that help manage risk, ensure quality and protect your valued product from the farm to the factory or the shelf.

HITLAB Perishable Product services include:
- Quality and quantity verification
Container inspections
- Product temperature
- Ventilation & temperature verification
- Container temperature monitoring and recording
- Container sealing
Orchard Services
Pack house services
- Handling procedure verification
- Labelling verification
- Quantity inspection
- Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) monitoring
Cold storage services
- Monitoring storage conditions
- Storage and shipping temperature monitoring
- Shelf life and maximization and monitoring


Tendayi Chidyandunge
Managing Director
HITLAB Inspections & Asset Management
Cell: +263 772 750 452
Email: hit.lab499@gmail.com

Fikile Sibanda
Chief Executive Officer
HITLAB Inspections & Asset Management
Cell: +263 772 877 094

Blessing Magombo
Operations Manager
HITLAB Inspections & Asset Management
Cell: +263 733 243 520
Email: bmagombo@yahoo.com



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