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The San Luis Clinic, together with The Sanctuary (Residential Care) provides help for people that have behavioural problems that they do not like.

Typically, clients have problems such as anxiety, depression, bereavement, relationship problems, addictions (alcohol, sex, gambling), stress, or any form of compulsion.

At the clinic, we search for the cause of the problem and not just treat the symptoms. This can be done on a weekly basis which is how the clinic started. Alternatively, clients may choose Residential Intensive Therapy which enables them to have two to three hours a day of one to one therapy with a qualified Psychotherapist. This enables the client to recover over a much shorter period.

Over the history of the San Luis Clinic, we have treated approx 1,000 clients and the success rate is very high. Based on the Coata Blanca, Spain, we have the luxury of excellent weather and idyllic facilities.

For contact, call Grahame on 0034 965 405 631 or visit the website

Short description: Psychotherapy Practice
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Telephone: 0034965405631
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