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Glass Agencies, Ambala Cantt is a manufacturer of EMU Egg Hatching Machine


Business description

M/S Glass Agencies based in Ambala Cantt, Haryana (INDIA) are Manufacturer and Exporter of all type of Laboratory Glassware, Scientific, Surgical, Medical, Hospital, Physiotherapy, Laboratory Plasticware, Laboratory Woodenware, Laboratory Silicaware, Laboratory Rubberware, Laboratory Porcelainware, Laboratory Quartzware, Orthopedic, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Dairy, Milk Testing, Oil Testing, Petroleum Testing, Aggregate Testing, Cement concrete testing, Surveying, Educational, Biology Lab, Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab Instruments and Equipments including Microscope, Laboratory Chemical, Educational Charts, Models and Slides

Short description: Glass Agencies is manufacturer of Automatic EMU Egg Hatching Machine
Company name
Company address: Glass Agencies, 5309, Anaj Mandi, Ambala Cantt, Haryana
Slogan: Filter Photo Calorimeter, Conductivity meter, Dissolved Oxygen Meter, PH Meter, Microprocessor based Ph Meter, Auto Karl Fischer Titrimeter, Spectrophotometer, Microprocessor Spectrophotometer, UV
Postal Code: 133001
Telephone: 0091-171-2633027
Mobile phone: 9896807858
Twitter account: glassagencies
Skype username: glassagencies
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      Glass Agencies, Ambala Cantt is a manufacturer of EMU Egg Hatching Machine
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