Gilead Omni-Business Development Institute Enterprises


Business description

GODI Enterprises is a service oriented company serving traditional and non-traditional business using a multicultural platform.

GODI develops business plans and writes proposals
GODI trains staff and mediate multi-business seminars
GOD conduct analyses and evaluate projects
GODI provides consultancy and facilitates contracts

GODI manages projects vicariously and assist the change paradigm process
GODI provides strategic communication seminars and application

GODI is located in Montego Bay, Jamaica, and was concieved on August 6, 1994 to bridge the gap between emerging economies and developed economies by culturally structured vision so that it can properly context in the contemporary mission consonant with the global market space.

Short description: A broad base service company for the multicultural environment
Slogan: Others bring it to the table but we are at the table - let us serve you
Telephone: 1 (876) 399-1495


Company Revenue

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