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TS A FIVE DAYS TRAINING (5DAYS ) WE OFFER FREE ACCOMMODATION TO STUDENTS WHO ARE FROM FAR, ALSO THE SCHOOL ASSISTS IN FINDING A JOB IF U DONE WITH YOUR STUDIES LIFTING MACHINES OPERATIONS 1. .ForK lift; 5 days training, 2. Reach Truck; 5 days training 3. Mobile Crane; 10 days training 4. Truck Mounted Crane; 10 days training 5. Overhead Crane; 10 days,training 6. Welding Practice; 2 to 4 weeks, training CONSTRUCTION PLANT OPERATIONS 1. Dump Truck 10 days training 2. Front End Loader; 10 days training 3. TLB; 10 days training 4. Tower Crane 10 days training 5. Grader and Excavator 10 days training 6. Bulldozer; 10 days training PROFESSIONAL DRIVING; * Driver's license Code 08, Code 10 and Code * 14 Haskem[ Dangerous Goods]: 3 days and First Aid; * OHS Rigid Vehicle (Bus Driving); 30 days Combined Rigid Vehicle(Truck Driving): 30 days. OFFICES ARE LOCATED IN DIFFERENT PROVINCES OF SOUTH AFRICA , YOU CAN EMAIL US @ OR CALL +27797549542 GAUTENG KWANZUL NATAL NOE

Short description: Geozack Operators Training Centre is a registered Further Education and Training institution which focuses on the training and certification of operators for Lifting Machines like a counter balance
Company address: johanusburg
Telephone: +27797549542


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