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We are a full service veterinarian and pet skin care specialist office with emphasis in allergies in dogs and cats, and skin and ear problems for your pets. We offer animal dermatology services to diagnose and treat your pet's itchy skin and chronic ear infections.

Dr. Larry Klenofsky has over twenty years of experience in diagnosing and discussing animal medical management. We offer complete in-house lab services, with most blood results in minutes. We care for pets from Chesterfield and the whole St. Louis, Missouri area. Call us for any inquiries at (314) 434-8787.

Short description: Veterinarian Chesterfield MO, Veterinary Clinic Chesterfield MO, Animal Hospital Chesterfield MO
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Company address: 61 Forum Shopping Center
Postal Code: 63017
Telephone: 314-434-8787


Contact Person: Lawrence Klenofsky
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