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Find places is the simplest and innovative way to find :
And cheap flights
It offers easy accessibility to all BNB’s, Hotels, Lodges, restaurants, and flights that are suitable for your needs without any hard work, all you need to do is to log into the website and browse whatever you need at that point of time. Find places contain’s beautiful places around South Africa and allows you to book online
Find Places offers advertising for accommodation owners, which comes at a very reasonable price (monthly).The amount paid monthly ensures first page visibility for that certain accommodation which means the venue will be appear top of the list to ensure that people who browse can access the venue easily.
Find places also allows hotel owners to access our website and be able to browse their accommodations and check the information if its the correct information but we assure accuracy. We also provide video shoots for the hotel owners; it also comes at a reasonable price
We also have a review section for all the people who used our website to find accommodation, we advise them to get back to us so that we can be able to get feedback on how the experience was at the accommodation.

Find places is the simplest way to find pleasant and adventurous destination at your finger tips!!!.

Short description: Find places is the simplest and innovative way to find : Accommodation
Company address: unit 11,jura corner,475 malibongwe & boundary corner.northriding
Slogan: The number 1 site that brings accommodation,restaurants and cheap flights,allows you to book on line
Postal Code: 2162
Telephone: 0799111855
Mobile phone: 0799111855
Skype username: sitecenter-sa
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