Filha Translation


Business description
We provide the Following services:
- Tutoring in Portuguese, French & English
- Interpreting, Consecutive and Simultaneous
- Traveling Business PA
- International telephone Conferences - Language Service for Conferences & Exhibitions
- Relocation Assistance
"All lessons are provided at your premises or at a neutral meeting point of your choice."
Telephone: 011 042-6988
 Mobile: 074 539-6144
Short description: Translations, interpretation and training
Company address: Data Cres, Ormonde
Slogan: We care
Telephone: 0733894555
Mobile phone: 060 620 4373
Skype username: milagre.capaxe


Unique Selling Point: We go the extra mile for you
Contact Person: Milagre Capaxe
Company Revenue
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