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The primary goal of Talent Interim is to search for, select and contract experienced Interim Managers for highly challenging roles within business that are undergoing change. To that end, we endeavor to thoroughly understand our clients' staffing objectives and profile the skills and background required for a position, a specific mission. We then match your criteria to a long list of potential candidates who we get to know personally and propose a shortlist of candidates who are best suited for the job.

Talent Interim strives to develop quality, lasting relationships with our clients by continually providing the best possible service. It is our personal approach to selection that sets us apart. It is why our clients view us as long-term partners.

Talent Interim strives to outperform itself by optimizing the search process and the follow up of its interim managers. Working with professionals, who have been interim managers themselves, we understand that the right profile with the required skills at the right moment for the particular job is key for the success of our client projects.

Another key reason for success is our emphasis on specialized industry expertise. Our professional Senior Consultants have a thorough knowledge of the job marketplace, and keen insights into the industries and functional areas that they serve.

Short description: Interim Management Provider
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