Business description


is not only an inovative school for hist. fencing and western martial arts

teaching nearly all fencing weapons used from 13th. up to 19th. century,

but we will make your Event, with special showfight,

or your teambuilding day an adventurous and very special one.

Just connect with us and we will find the way.

Short description: inovative school for historical fencing/ teaching western martial art / a partner for events and teambuilding
Company name
Company address: Arlingerstr. 135
Slogan: fencing is freedom / die Freiheit zu fechten
Postal Code: 75179
Telephone: +49 7231 441010
Personal or Company websitehttp://www.Fecht-Hut.de
Twitter account: Fuchs03
Skype username: ingo-gil


Unique Selling Point: the suitable training or show for the customer
Chamber of Commerce:: A1 201 100 000 957
Contact Person: Ingo Litschka
Company Revenue
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