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The ultimate solution provider for vast group of investors around the world. Providing the investment tool, the Insiders, which guides the path for your solid investment, FatnRich has been successful in guiding clients to derive maximum benefit out of their investment.

Insiders- provide high accuracy of buy-sell signal to our client and assist them in better decision making by providing a bottom signal to ensure the best timing to enter the market.

General Information
Our client's can subscript into different types of packages such as Insiders (Malaysia), Insiders (Hong Kong/China), Insiders (US,UK,Canada), Insiders (Forex) and Insiders (Commodities).

Short description: We are international investment company who use our software to help our client to analyze their investment
Postal Code: 10470
Telephone: 0124017723
Mobile phone: 0124017723


Unique Selling Point: High Accuracy, Easy & User friendly
Contact Person: Chester
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