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FMS Chinese Martial Art System is a renowned Chinese Kung Fu (Martial Art) system in the world. There you can learn the most authentic and dynamic fighting art such as Wing chun, Jeet Kunde Do, Hungar.

FMS Founder Sifu is a Practitioner of wing chun kung fu HK lineage, Student of Sifu yen chen, trained under him from 1996 to 2000, He is an international certified instructor. He is a founder and first in pakistan who spreaded wing chun in the country.

Life time achievement award was given to him by World Chinese Kung fu Promoting Union who is affiliated with Sifu Chiu Chi ling Hung ga System. He participated in martial arts tournaments and achieved positions.

He met with different styles of martial art's masters for sharing his kung fu knowledge with them. Further more, he learnt hungar and Tao of Jeet kwondo. His aim is to spread the true kung fu knowledge to the lover of chinese martial arts.

Wing Chun Wing chun is a deadly, effective and powerfull martial art systerm in the world. Wing chun practitioners are renowned in the world such as Leung yee tai, Dr. Leung Jan, Chan Wah Shun, Ng Chun So, Yip Man, Leung Sheung, Bruce lee, Wong shun leung, Leung ting, Emin Boztepe are famous wing chun practicioners.

WING CHUN HISTORY Ng Mui Was a talented martial artist in shaolin temple. she saw a fight between a snake and a crane and she took the lessons that she learned from observing how they fought one another and combined them with her own knowledge of Shaolin Kung Fu to create a unique fighting style of her own. Yip Man was born October 14th 1893 in the town of Fut Shan in the Kwong Tung province. Yip Man studied Wing Chun Kung Fu under Chan Wah Shun along with other students including Ng Chung Sao. It is here in Hong Kong in his sixties that he taught Bruce Lee who went on to become a famous marial artist and movie star and who used the concepts of Wing Chun and developed them into his own fighting style called Jeet Kune Do (way of the intercepting fist).

Sifu teaches HK leanege wing chun kung fu. Learn the authentic style of kung fu. JEET KUNE DO Jeet Kune Do is the only non-classical Gung Fu system in existence today. It was born from Sifu Bruce Lee's idea to take the best of Wing Chun Kung Fu, American Boxing , French Fencing ,tai chi and Grappling to bring them together as the ultimate combat art, from the ultimate com's bat artist.

Sifu teach original jeet kwondo in karachi. Sifu aim is to spread true kung fu (Chinese Martial Art) knowledge to the lover of chinese Martial Arts.


* World Chinese Kung Fu Promoting Union

* World Martial Arts Freindship Society

* World Martial Arts Severe Assault Society

* World Shan Wang Chinese Mangolian Kung Fu Federation

* World Bredan Fu Martial Arts Federation

* Greek Wushu Academy

* Tunisian Wushu Federation

* World Combat Martial Arts Union Association

* Martial Arts Association International

* International Eastern Fight Organization

* Odori Kumo Dancing Spider Black Widow Martial Art

* World Kungfu Sanda Union

* Wing Chun Kungfu Association

* European Wing Chun Kungfu Association






Short description: FMS School of Chinese Martial Art is a renowned Chinese Kung Fu (Martial Art) School in the world. There you can learn the most authentic and dynamic fighting art such as Wing chun, Jeet Kunde Do,
Slogan: Wing chun
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