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I'm a simple person who always think and look for something that can make the whole world go round perfectly! I’m kind and humble. Well, I want to be with someone who can love me for who I am. 0ne who can understand me in the way I understand her. 0ne who can care for me in the way I care for her. And one who can bind her self to me in the way I bind myself to her too. I want to be with someone who can be with me for the rest of my life for better and for worse. I want to be with someone who can color my life richly in love and peace, more than Cupid and Psyche can show to the World of Mythology and more than the United Nations can give peace to the Human World. I want to be with someone who I can show and tell the world that she is the perfect match for me. Not so precious but at least I can treat her preciously more than the precious thing in the entire universe! Who I Want to Meet: For friends, well, I want to be with those simple but intelligent individuals. Those who are broad-minded that can carry out great discoveries that are yet to discover. I'm actually irritated with those people who are helplessly pretending to be genius but in fact pea-brain. I really hate those parasites that only prey to the others just to be on the top without believing on their own skills and abilities. To those people who cannot stand on their own but rather ask the assistance of others. Those who are nothing but a second rate trying hard copy cut! Who I am looking for: I want to be with those people who can use their time in more productive things and for noble missions. Those who can understand who they are and for what purpose they are in this world. Those people who can make life easier and better. Those people who can make life enjoyable, not only for their selves, not only for their family, but also for the entire human race. I want to be with those people who can be role models in the world for doing things the way it ought to be, not only in the law of man but also in the law of God. I want to spend my time with those people who can be accepted by everyone, in every time and everywhere, not only because of who they are, what they are, and where they are, but because they are really acceptable. In conclusion, considering that nobody is perfect, but I want to be with those people who can, at least, be my perfect peers as a man, "not already young but not yet old to be considered as IMPERFECT!

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