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EFactor, the world's largest entrepreneurial community, provides resources that every small business owner needs: funding, knowledge, gain revenue and save cost. At EFactor, entrepreneurs exchange ideas with experts, receive exclusive discounts on business tools, interact with potential partners or clients, and discover funding for their startups. With over 1 million users in 185 countries, EFactor offers a unique mix of online and offline E.vents in the US and internationally. Members join EFactor to make relevant connections, taking their businesses to the highest level. EFactor is headquartered in San Francisco, and founded by a team of successful serial entrepreneurs.

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The four business pillars that EFactor supports are: find funding, gain knowledge, save costs, and gain revenue.

EFactor helps members find funding by carefully selecting qualified investors appropriate for their specific enterprises. By networking with other EFactor members in similar industries or via EFactor resource channels, members can gain further knowledge about their own industries as well as other businesses in similar domains. The EFactor mentors program is also set up to guide entrepreneurs through different stages, mentors provide valuable knowledge that members need to acquire throughout their business ventures. EFactor helps entrepreneurs save costs by offering efficient tools and services that are business-oriented and at discount prices exclusive only to EFactor members. Entrepreneurs gain revenue by being connected to the right people who can help them profit their businesses. EFactor helps members make money from their companies because members are interacting with relevant networks, who can provide effective business exchanges and turn companies into profitable enterprises.

Short description: EFACTOR, The World's Largest Entrepreneurial Community
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