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Established in 2004, E-way Business Inc. is an international telemarketing company that supports major Australian Market leaders in various enterprise including Healthcare, Food Packaging, Beauty, First Aid & other Australian markets.

We provide the most updated technological infrastructure with a goal to provide world-class service to our dedicated contracted long term clients in Australia.

Our headquarter is located in Makati and another branch in Quezon City, with a combined capacity of 500 agents, all equipped with real-time, no-delay quality equipment that can communicate directly with our Australian clients.

Why we are the BEST?

1. No Night Shift: While the BPO industry is predominantly servicing the USA market, most call centre workers in Philippines would have to work on a graveyard shift due to time difference. Different medical studies have proven that working during the night shift can be a factor in many health issues & a risk to the overall well being of the workers. We are only 2 hours behind the Australian Eastern Standard Time and we have the same time with the Australian Western Standard Time, which is why our working hours start from 6:00am until 4:00pm, and work ONLY for 5 days per week, which means we have normal working hours, no health risks to our team, thus giving efficient services to our clients.

2. Our Clients are Market Leaders: There are plenty of call centre type of businesses that provide illegitimate services. Our clientele are Business to Business (B2B) type of business & are market leaders in Australia with a dominant market share, well known brand names & internationally certified to be the best worldwide. Our main success is that our clients are long term, expanding & focused on long term relationship & outcome, therefore, no short term clientele. Our long term clients provide more stable career opportunities for our team members & much higher chance to know our client well, gain experience with their environment & successfully progress forward in their prosperous careers.

3. Excellence in Training: We provide training to all our staffers based on the possibly highest international standards. Our trainers are a mixture of competent international and local people who aim in equipping our team to provide the excellent service for our clientele. Former employees state that our standard training has benefited them in their different endeavours. Training with our Australian trainers is done through World Class Video conferencing facilities or other technological means.

4. Better Employee Benefits: We aim to provide the best possible environment for our team, and provide them with competitive compensation, healthcare benefits and commissions*. E-way Business Inc. takes care of its employees.

5. Job Nature: No Hard-selling: When you deal with our customers, transaction is a breeze. Because we do NO HARD SELLING, we do ethical selling, we have enduring relationship with our customers, we have lots of repeat businesses, hence a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction for our employees is gained.

6. More Prosperous Career Opportunity: Since E-way Business Inc. was founded in 2004, we have had a lot of talents who have progressed in their careers & are still part of our team until today. These talents have been very successful in reaching new heights in their careers & E-way Business Inc. has always appreciated their hard work by providing career growth opportunities to the level of higher management. Throughout the process, each talented staff which had the potential to show better performance has had various trainings to prepare them to higher supervisory & managerial positions. We strive to support our staffers in many ways whether technically or personally to explore the best out of them & we are proud to have many long term staffers who are in our top management today that have started with us as entry level agents in 2004.

7. Work Atmosphere: We have a comfortable and lively atmosphere that enhances creativity and gumption of our employees.

8. Work Force: Our team constitutes of hip, fun, and young at heart people, who make our workplace cheerful and animated.

Company address: Unit 3, 11th Floor DPC Place Building, 2322 Don Chino Roces Avenue Magallanes, Makati City 1231 Philippines
Slogan: Say No to Night Shift
Postal Code: 1231
Mobile phone: +639175713929
Personal or Company websitehttp://www.ewaybusinessinc.com

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