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Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders

We are producing for a diverse range of industries, including agriculture, construction, container handling, transportation industries, forestry, marine, mining, and recycling
We also have experience working on a wide variety of projects – from grabs for the dry bulk cargo-, dredging- and recycling industries, mobile hydraulic platforms, airport support and elevated work platforms.

1) Direct and alternating cylinders;
2) One and double action Cylinders;
3) Telescopic one or double actions cylinders;
4) Hydraulic revolution cylinders:
5) Pneumatic cylinders;
6) Cylinders of short, middle and large hub;
7) Cylinders of various uses, sizes and diameter to 800 and hub to 10 m;
8) Materials according to all cylinders use conditions;
9) Standard cylinders of stainless steel for a number of industries;
10) Cylinders used in a number of machines and devices in chemical, food industry, construction, service utility, agricultural, forest and recycling machines, shipyards, mines, platforms, etc;
11) Specially designed cylinders on demand;
12. Shutter cylinders* carbon mines;
13) Paint according to customer’s necessities, desires and requirements;
14) Producing materials for all purposes; atmospheric and thermal conditions; special valves and components are available on demand.
Our products are the result of well developed, designed, and produced, assembled and serviced; carefully monitored and controlled product’s working cycle.

Short description: Hydraulic cylinders
Company name
Company address: Sokolska 7
Slogan: The best European quality
Telephone: 00381637241371
Mobile phone: 00381637241371
Personal or Company websitehttp://www.dva-d-production.rs
Twitter account: https://twitter.com/DvadProduction
Skype username: kamimat1


Chamber of Commerce:: Serbian
Contact Person: Stefan Marianovic
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