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Reiki is an ancient Divine Universal Natural energy, which is found in everyone and every where. Any disease, acute or chronic, may be cured through this therapy. There is no any instrument or technique or anything is used in this therapy. A Reiki healer simply puts his palms on the diseased portion of the body and the healing starts and the intensity of the disease starts to reduce. This is why it is called Touch Therapy.
Reiki is useful in all physical diseases like stomach, gastric, asthma, heart disease, cancer, pre and post operation, gout, depression, epilepsy, diabetes, blood pressure, weak memory, skin trouble, urinal trouble, cuts, burns, injury etc.
It is also useful to make the life smoother like to get success in exams/interviews, to get desired goal, to get desired result of any project, to create love and affection, remove negative energy from factory/shop/home to improve and to make the business smoother, to get smooth and energetic daily life etc.
This amazing healing power may be get by anybody through a true reiki Teacher in a full day class.
Interested in reiki learning or treatment may contact to famous and renowned reiki Grand Master Dr. anil kumar Roy at +919934036404 or mail at or visit

Short description: All level of Reiki Training and healing are provided here.
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Company address: B/9, Bankmen's Colony, Chitraguptanagar, Kankarbagh, Patna - 20
Slogan: Heal yourself body and the soul together without medicine.
Postal Code: 800020
Telephone: 919934036404
Mobile phone: 919934036404
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