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Educational Qualifications: MCom, MBA(HR), MPhil, PhD (B.Mgt) Experience: 12 Years (Includes Teaching, Research and Project Management) Publications: 1) Published four (4) books: Title: "Business and Consumer Education (Global and Indian perspective)" (2008-2013) 2) Published 13 articles in recognized National, International Journals and Text Books. (2004-2013) Subject: Business Management - (Human Resource Management / Marketing Management etc.,) 3) News in THE HINDU - (2008): http://www.hindu.com/edu/2008/07/28/stories/2008072851120400.htm

Short description: Officer - Government of India
Company address: Mumbai
Postal Code: 400002
Telephone: +
Mobiele telefoon: +91902940890
Skype username: praveens.fmc

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