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SafeLinQ Benelux BV


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The world is changing. In the past 10 years both GSM and GPS technology has advanced significantly. Today we believe that it is time to bring these two technologies together in a easy and affordable way. Our aim is to provide Safety & Security solutions to help both consumers and businesses to protect themselves, their belongings as well as fulfilling the duty of care. LBS 2.0 stands for the best that the industry has to offer you today. We make complicated technology simple. SafeLinQ has defined specific service scenarios for each of its products/ services. All of our products use our proprietary protocols. The SafeLinQ service combines widely available technologies such as GPRS and SMS with state of the art GPS solutions. SafeLinQ standard offering consists out of a ‘out of the box’ web-, as well as a Mobile Internet and short code SMS application. To manage your customers, SafeLinQ provides a standard admin system to add/manage or delete customers. Based upon the specification of your device, a tailored service is offered.

Short description: Provide safety solutions for mobile properties and persons.
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Telephone: +31203080231
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Twitter account: @dorinefick


Chamber of Commerce:: KvK 302427690000

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