Dog Gone Wildlife LLC


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Dog Gone Wildlife LLC is a full Service Wildlife Removal and Trapping Company. With over 25 years experience we proudly serve local residences and businesses in the Greater Columbus-Oh area . We utilize our well trained dogs for humane removal of geese. We also specialize in the removal of bats & birds, pigeons, muskrats, beaver, deer, fox, and moles along with dead animal removal (no dogs or cats). We humanely trap groundhogs, skunks, raccoons, squirrels, opossum, chipmunks, coyotes. We have a 5 year guarantee on all our home and business repairs due to nuisance animals. We understand animal problems can occur out side of normal business hours so we make ourselves available 24/7.


Short description: Wildlife Removal, Wildlife and Animal Trapping, Geese Removal
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Company address: 91 Township Rd 16
Slogan: Wildlife Removal, Wildlife and Animal Trapping, Geese Removal
Postal Code: 43011
Telephone: 614-778-8131


Contact Person: Dog Gone Wildlife LLC
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