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Founded in 1996, DigitalPersona, Inc. is a global provider of strong multi factor authentication and access management solutions that close the gap between people and security for enterprises, government agencies and commercial embedded-solution developers. The company's solutions help enterprises, government agencies, custom application developers and independent software vendors to efficiently address growing security, compliance, password management and fraud-prevention demands.

Thousands of organizations across multiple industries rely on DigitalPersona to create and manage digital identities. Our fingerprint biometric hardware, strong authentication software and developer tools provide the widest choice of solutions. DigitalPersona expertise and support capabilities make it easy for organizations and ISVs to add identity and authentication solutions to their environment and applications. Our fingerprint biometrics ensures that only authorized persons are granted access to systems, data and services.  

For more information contact DigitalPersona, Inc. at +1 650 474 4000 or visit

Short description: Digital Persona is a global provider of fingerprint biometric solutions including biometric fingerprint scanners, strong authentication software and biometric developer tools.
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Company address: 720 Bay Road
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Telephone: +1 650.474.4000
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