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Academic Tutorial Center 0917 897 5967

Engineering Mathematics / Applied Sciences

Engineering Algebra 1 and 2
Engineering Mechanics 1 and 2 (Statics and Dynamics)
Engineering Chemistry 1 and 2, Organic Chemistry
Engineering Physics 1 and 2
Differential and Integral Calculus
Engineering Analysis (Differential Equation)
Strength of Materials (SOM)
Engineering Trigonometry
Engineering Statistics
Analytical Geometry

Business Mathematics / Finance & Economics

Business Calculus / Algebra / Statistics
Investment Mathematics / Business Finance
Economics / Financial Management
Management Science / Quantitative Analysis
Case Study and Feasibility Evaluation

Business Accounting / Accountancy

Service and Merchandising Accounting
Partnership and Corporation Accounting
Cost and Management Accounting
Advanced and Financial Accounting
Qualifying Examination Preparation

Contact Mobile 0917 897 5967

Short description: Academic Tutorial for Accounting, Engineering, Applied Sciences, Mathematics, College Entrance Test Review
Slogan: Interactive Tutorial
Telephone: 0917 897 5967
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