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The S.E Asia comprising of the ASEAN countries of Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand. Brunei Darussalam & Vietnam do a trade business of more than USD 500 billion annually. With an eye on the growing S.E Asian economic potential and its plentiful resources PT. GDR Indo Projects was set up as a 100% foreign investment company in Jakarta Indonesia to do inward and outward trading in a wide range of commodities ranging from minerals and Mineral Ores like Manganese, Steam Coal Iron Ore, Bauxite, Bentonite etc to Agro based commodities like Pepper, Cinnamon, Coffee Cocoa etc.  

Being based in Indonesia the company has focused on specific areas where we have discovered that this country has inherent competitive advantage particularly in minerals and agro commodities. We have thus specialized ourselves in procurement, selection, quality control, storage and shipment of natural products. 

Short description: PT. GDR Indo Projects is a commodity trading company based in Jakarta , Indonesia. The company trades in commodities, mineral, metals & chemicals. The company also provides consultancy support
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Company address: Jl Rasuna Said Kav 2-3, Jakarta, Indonesia
Slogan: Get set Go!!!!!
Telephone: +62816874781
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Contact Person: Deepak Jha
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