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- A business planning program which requires no prior financial know-how. - No spreadsheets, calculations or jargon, just simple questions with pop-up help screens. - Forecasts all your cash flow and financials as often as you want. - Calculates debtors, creditors, stock, loans, VAT, rent, payroll and tax, all essential for your cash flow. - Includes comprehensive sections on writing your complete business plan, for funders and as a benchmark. - £50 inc. VAT

Short description: Business planning software for start-ups/small businesses.
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Company address: The Apex 2 Sheriffs Orchard Coventry
Slogan: Puts you in control
Postal Code: CV1 3PP
Telephone: 0800 328 0000
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Unique Selling Point: Forecast your business plan - no skills needed - as often as you want
Contact Person: David McCauley
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