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DYNACENT GROUP is India’s one of premiere unswerving solution providers providing customer friendly products and solutions for the last 2 years and has satisfied customers across the nation.

The diversified portfolio of the group is into Financial Auxiliary Services, IT & Power-driven Solutions. The products are backed by strong quality processes and rich experience in managing clients across various business verticals to align its strategies to customers’ goals. Dynacent Group assists customers harness the power to achieve profitable growth, market leadership and sustainability.

Maintaining its position as an industry pioneer, the group has business partnership with world class brands like BHARTI AIRTEL forEnterprise Data Services, DHFL for Fixed Deposit Services and ANGEL BROKING for Stock-Broking and Wealth Management and many other well known brands to support in our endeavor.

Dynacent Group strives to serve its consumers by offering integrated solutions under one roof catering to enterprise, medium and small scale industries and companies; hotels; SOHO and retail segments as well. The clients are offered customized and comprehensive solutions so that they can focus on their core business only without worrying about their needs.

This is precisely the reason why DYNACENT GROUP has ‘The Best Performer’ award to its credit from Bharti Airtel for its leading achievements nationally and is also recognized as ‘Premiere Gold Level Business Partner’.


Dynacent Group’s mission is to be a “Trusted One Stop Resource“ providing integrated solutions that not only enhance the efficiency but also productivity.

Short description: One stop service
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Company address: Dynacent Group. No.552/46,9th main,18th cross, M.C. Layout, Vijaynagar,
Slogan: we welcome all
Postal Code: Bangalore-560040
Telephone: 8951899604
Mobile phone: 8951899604
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Unique Selling Point: Solution always Sells
Chamber of Commerce:: 29661155404
Contact Person: Darshan N.G
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