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Our relationship with all the things you are about to experience is not just on a professional level - but based on real affection.
It all began in 1995, when a doctor friend asked for our help in writing a book about Crete and the Cretan diet. We worked together for two years and were rewarded when Dr Schleicher's book "Der sensationelle Kreta Diet" became a best seller! Following this, chef Eckart Witzigmann requested an introduction into the secrets of Cretan cuisine. For almost two months Cretan women from Kritsa, Vrouha and other nearby villages spent many hours with us teaching Eckart their knowledge of local cuisine. The book, titled "Kreta kock Buch" was published eight months later. The result was again as amazing as Dr Schleicher's book, becoming a best seller and showing a different aspect of the Cretan diet. Many people started asking how they could obtain all the pure products described. The next step was to find a way to meet the needs that we had created.
In a mood to explore the unknown side of Crete and its produce, we began traveling to villages from central to eastern Crete, meeting with people and tasting little-known ingredients. Using the knowledge thus gained and relationships formed, we were able to choose both the finest produce and producers, packaging our goods and exporting as many as possible to reach the wide readership of the best selling books.
As time passed, we learnt more secrets and gained experience in not only our product field but also other aspects of the business, such as packaging - where we combined tradition with technology. Now, we are in the pleasant position of supplying more than 30 different products, with over 100 various packages, all made up of pure products with no preservatives. Taking our ideology further, we decided to create our Farm with the aim of breathing new life into the disappearing but valuable traditions. Until 1940 Cretan people lived simply, from Nature - far different from today. With such a large change in culture we wanted to preserve and revive this healthy heritage and provide a venue where the main customs could be experienced.
Enjoy with us then the production of olives, wine, raki and traditional textiles in a unique environment where you can taste, see, smell and touch the finest products of Crete!

Short description: Cretan Olive Oil Farm is a place where you can explore the unknown side of Crete and its products.
Company address: Havania
Postal Code: 72100
Telephone: 2841024139
Twitter account: @cretanoliveoilf

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