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We sell or rent homes to people wanting to move to Grecia, Costa Rica.

After moving here in 2006 we realized the need for knowledgeable real estate people who were honest, ready to help, and spoke Spanish. We wanted to help other ex-pats enjoy the adventure of this beautiful country without the worry of not knowing anyone or speaking the language.

I owned a residential/commercial appraisal firm in Dallas, Texas for 25 years along with being a broker for 30 years. I was a landlord and a flipper. I enjoy the real estate business and making people happy with one of the largest purchases they will make.

Short description: Residential Real Estate in Costa Rica
Company address: AP 347-4100, Grecia, Costa Rica
Slogan: Pura Vida
Telephone: 866.325.9805
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Unique Selling Point: We help people relocate and enjoy the tranquil life in Costa Rica
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