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In these days the most internet business problems are viruses and hacker's attacks. After antivirus software failures many times to protect companies computers, because hackers update their viruses before they use and make them invisible to all antivirus software, we have found the solution after 5 years of anti hacker's techniques studies and the ways hackers need to use in their files to work properly. Company Guard Security Software just uses anti hacker's techniques protection which is a new protection method to detect viruses and malicious files however these files are detected by antivirus software or not. Company Guard Security Software doesn't need any virus definitions updates to protect your computer, your money, your employees and your company from hackers, but it's just a genuine security technology that we have found.

Company Guard Security Software is a handy and reliable software that provides you with a simple means of protecting your system against viruses, trojans and malware.

With the help of Company Guard Security Software you have the possibility to manage all your downloads and scan all the installers before running them. This way, you will know if the downloaded file is infected.

Furthermore, the aforementioned application perfectly integrates within Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and opera, Before using Company Guard Security Software, you need to set the browsers' main download folder to Downloads so the application can recognize and scan all the downloaded files. After the scanning process is finished, it will display a notification message to the right corner of your desktop.

Company Guard Security Software is very easy to use and doesn't need a computer expert to use and it doesn't need to download big files size to start protect your computer from viruses and hacker's attacks as it is just a 5.87 Mb file size all what you need to start protecting your computer.

Company Guard Security Software moves all your clean downloaded files to its secure download drive to allows you access your downloaded files with simple clicks.

Company Guard Security Software can be used also by home users specially those who make shopping on internet, as it monitor their downloaded files to make sure these files they are downloading are clean and free of viruses and malwares and avoid stealing of their credit cards.

We have an expert security team always ready to support our customers with any technical help and information they need 24/7 about our software or any other help they may need.

Short description: Company Guard Security Software - Anti Hackers Techniques
Company address: Obdacher Bundesstrasse 40
Slogan: The Complete Companies Security Software & Anti Hackers Solution
Postal Code: 3511
Telephone: +43720884704
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