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Grab4Eventz is a complete online booking store where you can get rental, staffing, printing and production needs for your event. You can find a wide range of furniture, Audio, Video and lighting, IT, Electronic appliance, tents, stage equipment’s, catering on rental basis for your events. We are also dominate in delivering printing & production services which is accessible with the help of online booking system.
We are currently operating in the UAE and delivering to major trade shows and events in the UAE. With the fast change in the demand we have wide range of rentals and high quality of services to deliver at your deadlines.

Add the Graba4eventz to your events; contact us to meet your contemporary event needs. We cater for all types of events from corporate to smaller events & exhibitions. You will find most supportive and prompt service ever with a wide range of rentals and services to choose from. Our prices are cheaper than the local appliance rental services, more effective and supporting 24/7.

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Short description: PS: If the item you want is not listed, feel free to buzz us at (+971) 52 545 8451 or shoot a message at We’ll be happy to arrange the same for you.
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Company address: Dubai
Postal Code: 487411
Telephone: +971525458451
Mobile phone: +971525458451


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