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Citra Bumi Raya is a company engaged in the field of consulting and contractor whit specialist as below : Tower development specialist Telkomsel, XL, Protelindo, Indosat, Axis, HCPT, Some of our specialists as follows: 1. Soil investigation (Soil Test) 2. Concrete test (Hammer Test) 3. planning foundation 4. Building analysis 5. SITAC 6. CME 7. Tower Repair 8. Verticality Tower For Residential Building and we also provide: 1. Architectural Design 2. Design Structure 3. Consulting Services 4. Chartering Services (Contractor) 5. galvalum applicator For Roads and Bridges we provide: 1. CBR test 2. Soil Test and Drill (in), Sondir Boring testing 3. Design Construction of Roads and Bridges 4. Chartering services (contractors) For Pier and Harbour We provide: 1. Fender Supaly 2. Pier and Jetty Structure Design 3. Conveyor Belt (also for mine, etc.) 4. Break Water Structure Design Energy Mines and Minerals 1. Geological and Topographic Survey Consultation for projects we will serve you for FREE. Contact us via email Thank you for having confidence in us. Sincerely Citra Bumi Raya Riva Siregar Director

Short description: Consultan and Contractor Specialist Tower Contruction, Building Structure, Jetty and Harbour Support , Structure Design , Soil Investigation , Geological and Topographi Survey Analisys.
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Company address: Kutisari Selatan No 76
Slogan: Best in Service and Quality
Postal Code: 60291
Telephone: +6287330077
Mobile phone: +62817330077
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Twitter account: @citrabumiraya
Skype username: citrabumiraya


Unique Selling Point: Tower Consultant , Soil Investigation , Design Structure and Architecture , Geological and Topograhy Survey
Chamber of Commerce:: KADIN INDONESIA
Contact Person: Riva Siregar
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