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Cat Technologies Ltd is a company headquartered at New Jersey, US. CAT Technologies Ltd offers Software Development, Product Development, and Strategic Outsourcing and Technology Consulting services to clients across the globe.

CAT Technologies Ltd is founded by seasoned professionals with diverse backgrounds and
exposure to wide industry verticals and technology practices. We inspire minds for innovation and
innovation for excellence. Our RESOURCES (People) are our ASSETS; and it is our EDGE. We leverage our highly talented technical manpower RESOURCES to provide leading EDGE technology solutions to our clients worldwide to step ahead of their competitors and it is their EDGE.
CAT Technologies Ltd has built its core competencies around both Microsoft and non-Microsoft
application development platforms. CAT Technologies expertise includes:
• Software Development, Implementation and Support
• Technology Architecture and Consulting
• Product Development
• Project Management and IT Staffing
• Application Integration
• Design Development and
• Creative Multimedia

Short description: CMMI Level 3 IT company
Slogan: One stop solution for software services
Telephone: 04066661284
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