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Our mission is to reduce the CO2 emissions which can have a positive effect on climate change.We strongly believe in the power of communities and aligning forces in one direction to make an impact on our global environment that everyone can feel and which can be measured.
We offer personalized solutions for businesses marketing needs, without overlooking the environment sustainability. Our personalized solutions can help businesses save money, grow profits and benefit the environment by offseting their carbon footprint; for this we are using the only Bureau Veritas accredited carbon footprint calculator on the OTC market.

Free carbon footprint assessment for SMEs based in UK.
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Short description: CO2, carbon, calculator, marketing, sustainability, environment
Company address: Dalton House, 60 Windsor Avenue
Slogan: for a blue planet
Postal Code: SW19 2RR
Telephone: 442081236670
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Unique Selling Point: we have the only Bureau Veritas certified carbon footprint calculator
Contact Person: Rani V
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