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Blonde Blond is Los Angeles' first and only all blonde hair salon. Owner and stylist Caitlin Richardson specializes in blonde hair color, blonde highlights, blonde color correction, ombre, and hair extensions.
Caitlin's blonde are the most vibrant and natural. She considers the health of each client's hair first. Her color techniques not only result in amazing shades of blonde but will also help improve the health of the hair, not causing breakage 3-4 months down the line
The quality of work and the level of expertise you will receive from Caitlin does not exist. Her ability to perfect all shades of blonde is a special talent that is rare to non existent.
If you're seeking perfect hair, blonde colorist that understands your needs, respects your "pickiness", and is willing to put forth the effort then Caitlin is your girl! Are you ready to have your blonde color done the way you have always wanted? Then it's time to call BLONDE / BLOND.


Short description: Blonde Blond is Los Angeles' first and only all blonde hair salon.
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Company address: 8581 Santa Monica Blvd Ste 305 West Hollywood,CA
Postal Code: 90069
Telephone: 310-666-5907
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Contact Person: Caitlin Richardson
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