Buds of Age


Business description

Poet,Theologian Higher Grade, smooth football fan, Religious articles, Essays, Poetry in Croatian the most,
Blogger who writes the big Novel Flow of Consciousness, disorders in remission, single, united
Now: fast learning and translating; collecting only my writings, for free, only taxes
Today: ratified by the EU
Printed: around 100 inch paper, 500MB Documents
Have joined: 2011
Bankrupted: 2000
Switched over: 1995 in the name of Christ
Expanded: 1991 - 1992 Croatia one & only
Made three companies: 1978, 1984, 1992
Established: 1958 Croatia in Former Yugoslavia

Short description: poetry, writings, webloging, theology articles
Company address: Kušlanova 10
Slogan: slogan captures the spirit
Postal Code: 10000
Telephone: +385 98 9410269
Mobile phone: +385989410269
Twitter account: Gordana Tomljanović@Gordana Tomljanov


Unique Selling Point: Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes, the second bench in the middle, Zagreb, Croatia
Chamber of Commerce:: Psychiatric Hospital, the Association for the resettlement, including sparrows
Contact Person: Gordana Tomljanović
Company Revenue

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