Biozar tripled it's turnover last month!



Business description

Biozar is opening up new frontiers in food supplements. It is a proven product which has been developed in The Netherlands and shows dramatic results in boosting your health once taken on a regular daily basis.

The development of Biozar has taken over ten years in research. Thousands of people are already using Biozar. Hundreds of personal, written and video testimonials do confirm that Biozar does what it promises. Once taken, it immediately supports the immune system and will contribute to a healthier life.


Short description: We are distributing Biozar, it helps the human equilibrium to restore
Company name
Company address: Van Riemsdijkweg 62
Postal Code: 3088 HD Rotterdam
Telephone: +31 (0)10 - 4280050
Twitter account: Biozar


Unique Selling Point: Biozar is a product which helps to restore the immune system, helps the fight against all kinds of auto immune diseases.
Chamber of Commerce:: 24171006

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